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Clean Carpet Wizard: Professional Carpet Cleaning Services with a Difference

Carpet cleaning is among the most daunting tasks for homeowners. It is time consuming and difficult, and requires you to work with chemicals-based cleaning products. If you are in Middle Georgia, Clean Carpet Wizard can make the task simple, quick, and safe for you, your family, and your pets. The company provides comprehensive Carpet Cleaning Perry, GA services including upholstery and rug cleaning. And it has been providing its services to the community for over 20 years.

Home Sweet Home

Coffee, wine and food spills, pet stains, and odor can render your carpet and upholstery looking and smelling bad. That is why it is recommended to have them cleaned at least once every 12 months. It is even better if you have carpet and Area rug cleaning Perry, GA every 6 months to retain the original unspoiled looks. But it takes an extraordinary cleaning service to provide 100% satisfaction.
Many carpet cleaning services in the market struggle in different ways to meet the client’s requirements. Achieving a completely clean look can be a big challenge. Discipline and attention to detail and ensuring that no cleaning products or residues are left behind is another challenge. Clean Carpet Wizard not only addresses these concerns effectively, it also goes a step further to use safe products for carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Perry, GA.

Safe Carpet Cleaning Products

Clean Carpet Wizard is among the rare few Carpet Cleaning Perry, GA services that make use of safe and biodegradable cleaning products. These products are free of hazardous and strong chemicals that have had been traditionally used for cleaning carpets and rugs. Without losing their cleaning strength, these green cleaners help ensure that your home environment remains safe for your family and pets. These cleaners also leave a fresh and natural smell that doesn’t cause any harm. Such products also don’t cause any damages to your carpet’s fibers.
The company also specializes in odor and stain removal, keeping in mind the special needs of homes with pets. If you have a pet, it is highly recommended to have deep carpet, upholstery cleaning, and Pet stain removal Perry, GA at least every 6 months. This will help in maintaining a more hygienic environment for everyone without the need for keeping your pet off the couch. The company also provides on-demand cleaning services to ensure that no spills or pet accidents cause any permanent damage to your carpet, rug, or upholstery.