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Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning

A home would not be a home if all of the rooms inside of the house were bear and empty. Rather, a house that feels alive is almost without exception filled with comfortable and useful pieces of furniture.

In modern times, most of these furniture items will be upholstered with one fabric or another. Upholstery brings a whole new dimension to a piece of furniture, and can truly make life more comfortable for the inhabitants of the home. That said, if upholstery is not regularly cleaned and maintained by professionals, the benefits that it brings can quickly turn into negatives. Because of this, regularly cleaning upholstered furniture is truly a necessity.

A beautiful carpet can be central to a home’s d├ęcor. But retaining it in its pristine condition can be a daunting task for homeowners. Professional Carpet Cleaning can help ensure that your carpet looks elegant and fresh and doesn't lose its life. There are very few carpet cleaners that use high quality products, advanced cleaning techniques, and thorough removal of water and cleaning products. Carpet Wizard is a trusted company providing carpet and upholstery cleaning services in the region. And it has many unique services to offer that ensure thorough cleaning.